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Related post: Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 15:58:09 +0000 From: Moore Subject: Opening Doors - Part OneOPENING nymphet russian suck DOORSBY MOOREChapter OneFive minutes before five on a Friday afternoon in April and everyone in the office was making a mad dash for the elevators. I was about to join the happy throng when the intercom on my desk buzzed. Damn, it was Peter Kramer, the owner's son in-law and a real prick. If I didn't answer he could have me fired for leaving five minutes early, he'd done it to other employees. Jobs were scarce and couldn't afford to lose mine so I quickly picked up the phone. "Yes Mr. Kramer?"Mr. Kramer, my ass. Every vice president was on a first name basis except Peter. Mr. Kramer or sir he demanded of all employees...a twenty six year old Hitler and three years flower nymphets girls younger than nymphetsporn me.The conversation was a brief command, "My office, Steven, now."As brief as my dejected, but obligatory response, "Yes sir."I knew why he wanted to see me and I wouldn't, no, I couldn't refuse him if I nymphet jpg valued my job. Not that I minded all that much to be perfectly honest, except that it was a Friday and I had to prepare myself for a busy weekend. I knew what Peter Kramer wanted from me again, two or three times a month he'd called me to his office since the embarrassing incident at the office Christmas party.And what a party it was to hook up for sex. I could have taken a second and locked the door, jeez I was crazy with lust and thinking with my dick. Go know that Peter, or anyone else for that matter, would burst in on little nymphets japan the three of us in our birthday suits. I'll never forget the oh-so- smug look littles nymphets on Peter Kramer's face as we uncoupled, so to speak, and scrambled into our clothes. I nymphet bbs tgp was called down for my first visit to Peter's office the erotic bbs nymphets next day and saw the same smug look I'd seen the night before."That was quite a show you put on last night," he said, "quite a show. I had no idea that you were, how shall I put accommodating to the needs eternalnymphet of others? I could can your ass for corrupting the morals of two employees or..." He left his threat unspoken, but his intentions, though surprising since he was married, were very clear to me."Please don't fire me, Mr. Kramer," I said hastily. "I'll do anything you want. Anything.""Of course you joebob s nymphet will, faggot," he said smugly. "Anything I want." I knocked once on Peter's closed door and waited until I heard him say enter. Then I waited yet again in front of his desk, feeling like a schoolboy called down to the principal's office, while he spoke on the phone for the next ten minutes."Yes dear. No dear," he repeated several times. Then he said, "I hope you're having a wonderful time with your folks in Palm Springs, Marlene. I love you too," and hung up. "The wife's away," he said absently, looking at me for the first time. "Left yesterday.""Yes sir," I mumbled, more than slightly aroused despite my intense dislike for the man. My nymphets sex slaves pics previous visits all occurred when his wife was away."Lock the door, Steven," he ordered, standing up and removing his jacket. "The cleaning crew is on the floor and we don't want to be disturbed while you're engaged in your favorite activity. Do we, cocksucker?"The smug look very youn nymphet was back as I went to lock the door without replying to his question. Truth be told, I wouldn't mind being disturbed by the hot, young guys on the cleaning crew. You see, I am a homosexual, a submissive bottom to the core, and I'd be happy to give them all the same kind of service with my mouth or ass that I was about to give Peter Kramer.No sooner had I locked the door when Peter barked out his next orders. "Take all your nymphette girls clothes off, faggot, and get on your hands and knees where you homos belong. Crawl to me, cocksucker, beg for my dick."My dick was hard and throbbing before my bare knees hit the carpeted floor. Peter was cruel, a latent homosexual or bisexual...who could say, but his rough language and dominance really turned me on. When he found me at the Christmas party, bare-assed naked nymphet japanese underage and servicing two hot young guys from the warehouse with my body, I thought for sure I'd be out on my well-fucked ass. Well, he put me on my ass alright, the next morning; on my naked ass on the plush couch in his office and cute nymphets bbs put his stiff cock between my quivering, tiny nude nymphets yet eager lips."Suck real nymphet nude it, fag," cp nymphet toplist he demanded, establishing his 12yo nude nymphets dominance over me. "Suck my dick and take my cum."He used my ass on the next visit to his office. Fucked me hard, fast and deep, no condom...and called me his pussy boy when he filled underage nymphet tgp my bowel with sperm. Then he made me lick his cock and balls clean before sending me back to work. I was little nude nymphets so turned on that I bbs fc2 nymphet had to stop at the men's room to relieve the ache nymphet underwear models in my balls.Peter Kramer owned me. He knew it and he also knew I worshipped his cock. If he fashion little nymphets wanted me to beg for real nymphet models it this morning then I definition nymphet would crawl to him and beg. Beg to suck his prick and beg him to fuck me like a slutty whore. I'd done it countless times before with dominant men since uncovering my destiny back in junior high school. Chapter Two"I'm going to jack off when I get home.""I don't do that anymore," Ethan said proudly, banging his locker shut. "No need to."Ethan Lutz and ukraine nymphet model I, best friends forever, discovered our dicks together. We could and did talk about everything. "Bull. non nymphet Every fourteen year old boy needs to jack off and cum.""Cum, yes, jack off no. Not if he's got someone to suck him off."Ethan nympho nymphet pics had a girl friend and so did I. Nice girls who wouldn't do such a thing. Not my girl, Susan, anyway. She wouldn't touch me down there, much less blow me. How nymphets 8 year did Ethan get european girl nymphet so lucky, I wondered as I asked. "Cindy gave you a blow job?""Nope," Ethan said, "not Cindy. In fact, it wasn't even a girl who sucked my cock.""Huh?""A boy in our class did it...right nymphets hot innocent here in the locker room. He got nymphete model down on his knees and gave me head. I can't describe how good it felt to get blown and to cum in his mouth."Sex, particularly stockings nymphets blow jobs, was the hot topic young nymphet pic bbs among the boys in our eighth grade class. Some boys had gotten blow jobs from girls or other boys, if you nymphets fashion models believed the rumors about the experimental sex parties...which I did not. I did believe my pal Ethan Lutz though, except for the part about cumming. "In his mouth? No way.""Way, dude, he took me all the way down to my nuts and he swallowed my jizz. Believe it, Steven, I got a blow job from a boy and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one he sucks off."Is he, you know, a fag?""Gotta be one, nymphet clip I guess," Ethan said thoughtfully. "Of course he's a faggot. Who else would dare to suck a guy's cock and eat a guy's cum?""Who is it? Tell me.""I nymphet video virgins sort of promised not to tell.""Hey, who's your best friend?""Okay, okay, keep your jock strap on. Drew nymphet clips Cunningham is the cocksucker, the boy who went down on my dick."My brain was racing, thinking, wondering. Drew was a quiet boy, friendly and a very bbs nymphets lola good student. Hard to imagine that he was a cocksucker. I finally blurted out. "Do you think Drew would give me a blow job too?""He might," Ethan said. "I'll ask him and call you at home." "He'll do it," Ethan said when he called that evening. "Tomorrow after school at my house. You want to know why?"I don't care why, only that he'll do it.""I nymphets free gallery gotta tell you why, Steven. It's because Drew thinks, get this, the faggot thinks you're cute."Ethan was still laughing when I hung up. Shit, I thought, worried that a faggot thinks I'm cute. Chapter Three"Who wants to go first?" Drew Cunningham asked as he settled down on his knees on the floor in Ethan's small bedroom. "Maybe I should do Steven first since this is his first blow job."My first blow job, yes, and I was nervous as an alley cat. Unlike Drew who was smiling up at me or Ethan who was calmly taking off his pants."Go ahead and blow non nude nymphets Steven," Ethan candid nymphet said. "I'll watch."Drew crawled over to me and waited between my legs. Then he said, "Are you going to take your penis out or do you want me to take it out for you?""Whatever," I sputtered, barely able to speak. Strange I thought that he called it a penis, rather than a dick or a cock or a prick which is how everybody at school always referred to it.He reached up with both hands and began to unfasten my belt and unzip my zipper. My legs were shaking when he pulled down my pants; I vombats rompl nymphets gasped when his fingers touched the bare skin inside my jockey shorts and slid them down my legs."You've got a nice penis," nasty nude nymphets Drew said, taking me in his hands. "Mmmm, nice testicles too." I wasn't hard yet, too nervous, and Drew seemed to know it. "Relax, Steven, you will get an erection. You'll grow big in my mouth, which I like a lot.""Thanks," I said, though I felt kind of silly thanking a boy for complimenting my cock. Drew was right, I did get hard real fast when he took me between his lips and way beyond, into the warm, wetness of his mouth. The feeling was incredible just being free ukraine nymphets in his mouth, and it only got like a thousand times better when Drew fondled my balls and actually began to suck.The pleasure was so intense, far better than jerking off, that I was ready to cum in a minute. I didn't know if I should warn him. Drew seemed to know that I was right on the edge of nymphets shy cumming. He backed off for a second and, with his lips barely grazing the sensitive lola nymphets tip of my dick, he said, "S'okay, Steven, I really like the taste of sperm. Whenever you are ready you can ejaculate in my mouth."I came and came and came in Drew's mouth like petite pre nymphet angel I'd never cum before in my life. Spurt after spurt after spurt of sperm into the depths of Drew Cunningham's fabulous mouth until I was totally drained. And when I was done Drew sucked me some more, sucked shocking nymphet pussy out the last drops of sperm until my dick became to sensitive to take anymore and I had to pull out of his mouth.Gasping for every breath I looked down at Drew kneeling comfortably at my feet. He gazed up at me like a happy puppy. There was sperm on his puffy lips and strings of sperm clinging to his chin, my sperm, and I suddenly felt, well, pics petite nymphets a little guilty, but so superior. The feeling intensified when Drew licked his lips. bbs nymph tgp "Mmmm, mmmm, so darn good. That was a great orgasm, Steven, thank you. I really like your penis and blowing you. I'll nymphet incest video gladly blow you again anytime you want.""You're, ah, welcome," I said awkwardly, thinking that fags had to be different from the rest of us. Drew was thanking me when I should have been little nymphet nu thanking him for the great blow job, and wild nymphets rompl Drew was thanking me for cumming in his mouth. Too strange by far, my little nymphets movie natural curiosity was aroused.I was about to ask Drew why he did it, what he little nymphets fetish got out of giving guys blow jobs when nymphet boards forum Ethan appeared at my side. He was naked and his dick, which I'd only seen soft in the showers at school, was hard up and throbbing against his stomach. Ethan's erection was huge, little nymphetes nude pictures at least eight inches long I estimated, and thicker than my wrist. I tore my eyes away from Ethan's surprising dick and looked down at a mesmerized Drew, wondering how he could possibly bondagenymphs com all get that monster cock illegal asian nymphet in his mouth without choking to death."It's my turn now," Ethan said to Drew with his hands on his hips and a hard edge in his voice. "You want to suck my dick, cocksucker?""Yes," Drew whimpered softly. There were tears forming in his eyes. Fear maybe, at the enormous size of Ethan's cock, I really didn't know."What'd you say? Speak up, cocksucker.""Yes, Drew whimpered, but more loudly this time. "I want to blow you, Ethan, only...."Ethan slapped Drew's face with his cock, hard enough to leave a red mark on his cheek. "Only what, cocksucker!!?"I didn't know what nymphets free pics Ethan was doing, but it seemed cruel to me. I felt sorry for Drew who russian nymphets nudes was openly crying now. "I really, really want to blow you, Ethan," he sobbed aloud, "only, only...please don't call me a cocksucker."Blow job, cocksucker, I didn't see the difference. It all came down to the very same thing...a youngest little nymphet dick in your mouth."But that's exactly what you are," Ethan fired back, "a cocksucker. Admit nudist little nymphet it.""Why don't you just let him give you a blow job?" I asked Ethan. "What are you trying nymphets 6 year to prove by tormenting him?"Ethan xxx russian nymphetes ignored my question and slapped poor Drew with his cock again. "If you want to suck my dick, admit it!!"The hurt on Drew's face, the tears streaming down his cheeks...I thought for sure he would get up and leave. Not that I was a cocksucker, god forbid, but if I was one I sure would have left rather than be humiliated. But no, to my great surprise, Drew kissed Ethan's dick and gave in to Ethan's demand."I am a cocksucker," nymphet land portal he said, reluctantly, every word an effort, like they were torn from his gut. "Can I please blow you now?""And a faggot?" Ethan prompted, triumphant with victory over poor Drew. I felt so url nymphet sorry for him.Drew hung his head in absolute shame it seemed to me, totally defeated, embarrassed and thoroughly humiliated. He sobbed, "Yes, and a faggot."Ethan saw it too dancing nymphets and rubbed it in by pretending not to hear. "What did you say?""And a faggot," Drew cried out. "I'm a faggot and I'm a cocksucker. nymphet pics nude Now may I please blow you?"Ethan laughed while poor Drew grovelled. He finally said, "Okay, you can blow me."The change in Drew tiny nymphette nude was immediate and dramatic. His tears stopped and a big, happy grin appeared on his face. He went from sad to glad in the blink of an eye. Why? All because he could give Ethan a blow job, incredible. That a dick in his mouth could make him happy, unbelievable.Now I was certain that nymphet world nude fags like Drew were very different from normal boys like Ethan and me. I sure wouldn't be a very happy boy with a cock in my mouth. No way would I ever suck hot nymphet tgp a dick. Or would I? Asked a demanding little voice in the back of my free nymphet photos sexually curious mind.Well, if I had just the right opportunity and, even more important, the nerve to try it some day. Maybe, oh, just maybe, I would give in to my curiosity and try it. Drew certainly nude nymphets thumbs liked a cock in his mouth and little underage nymphet nude he was by far the smartest boy in nymphets dvd xxx school. Did he know something about sex that I didn't know? Would it turn me into a fag or make me a cocksucker just by trying it one time? I pushed those crazy thoughts out of my mind."You can blow me," Ethan repeated as Drew sweetnymphets fucking got settled between his legs. "After porn nymphets toplist you take off all your clothes and...oh, yeah, after you kiss my ass."Ethan winked at me over nymphets links Drew's head little nymphet nude models and said, "Just want to see how far the fag will go for dick."Apparently, Drew would go as far as he had to for dick. Kissing Ethan's ass didn't bother him youngest nymphet in the least, he kissed both russian nymphets list bbs cheeks twice and even stuck his teen russian nymphets tongue in the crack. Neither did taking off all his clothes, banned russian nymphets hardcore stripping naked in a big hurry, revealing a home nymphets tgp stiff dick that 12 year nymphets was no bigger than my little finger.Drew was the same age as Ethan and I, but he had a baby's dick, tiny balls and not a sign of pubic hair. Maybe all fags had little dicks and no hair. That explained why Drew always changed for gym in the bathroom. Guys would crack up, laugh at poor Drew if they saw his cock. It made me wonder what the same guys would do to Drew if they saw him sucking a cock.Watching him kiss and lick around the head virginal nymphets of Ethan's big dick was really turning me on. Despite having cum a few minutes earlier, my dick was hard again and throbbing like crazy in my hand. Since Ethan was naked and Drew was naked I got the urge to get naked too. I stepped out of my pants and jockey shorts and took off my shirt, then got down on my knees right next to Drew for a up close look at a blow little nude nymphets pics job.Drew was moaning softly as the wet head of Ethan's cock slipped between his thin lips. It fit, barely, stretching Drew's lips until the head disappeared like magic into his mouth. The satisfied smile on Ethan's nymphet forums face said it all, as did the increased volume and frequency of Drew's moans; they were both enjoying the blow job.I was enjoying it too, watching Ethan's cock moving in and out of Drew's mouth, amazed l young nymphets model that Drew could take so much dick without choking. The head and shaft had to be going into his throat when Ethan thrust forward. Where else could it go?Ethan lasted longer than I had, but he'd password nymphet had a blow job before. I was no expert, but when his legs began to shake and his balls got really tight, even I knew he was going to cum. He grasped Drew's ears firmly in his hands and cried out, gasping and laughing, "Oh, shit, I'm cumming, cumming in a cocksucker's mouth."Drew Cunningham had the last laugh, sort of...if you like gooey, sticky semen all over your face. I guess it was his way of getting even with Ethan, and he didn't say thank you after the blow job or offer to blow him again. He just got dressed quickly and left the bedroom with Ethan's cum still on his face.I left Ethan's house a few minutes later, surprised nymphet cgi bbs imgboard to find that Drew was waiting out front. "Okay if I walk home with you?" He asked, breaking the awkward silence. "I know we can't be real friends like you and Ethan, because...""Sure we can," I interrupted, as we started to walk. "Ethan's my friend, but what he did to you, what he said, I mean, it wasn't very nice. I like you, Drew, and not because you, well, uh, because..."Drew finished my thought. "Because I gave you a blow job, right?""Uh, right," I said, blushing a little, "not because of that."We talked about other things; school, sports, movies and stuff, discovering that we had a lot in common. "This is mine," I said, stopping in front of a small house. "I'll see you at school."Drew continued walking down the street and then he turned around and came back. "I meant it, Steven," he said."Meant what?" I asked.Drew, my new friend, looked me straight in the eye and repeated what he'd said earlier in Ethan's bedroom. "I really like your penis, Steven, and blowing you. I'll gladly blow you again anytime you want. And," he added, tweaking my nose with his fingers, "You can cum in my mouth."I masturbated ukrainian nymphets thumbnails in bed that night thinking about Drew, little nymphet angels bbs and I also did something nasty that I'd never done before. Just a tiny drop at first, on the tip of russian nymphets teen my tongue, which sent big shivers up and nude nymphets jpg down my spine. Then I carefully licked my hand clean and shamelessly devoured the thick puddle that was cooling on my belly. Cum is so darn good, I murmured aloud, my last thought before drifting off to sleep with Drew and blow jobs pubescent black nymphet on my mind, and the sweet taste of sperm laden semen in my mouth.Drew Cunningham had nubile nymphet teenies opened a door to a new way of life and I had, unknowingly, crossed the threshold.
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